Fee Structure

SMPS Fee Structure For the Session 2022-23

S. No. Class Day - Scholars Hostel Fee Hostellers Total Fee
1. LKG, UKG, Prep 30,000/- 75,000/- 1,05,000/-
2. I to V 35,000/- 75,000/- 1,10,000/-
3. VI to VIII 40,000/- 75,000/- 1,15,000/-
4. IX & X 45,000/- 75,000/- 1,20,000/-
5. XI & XII Commerce 45,000/- 75,000/- 1,20,000/-
6. XI & XII Science 50,000/- 75,000/- 1,25,000/-
7. Sports/NCC/Guide & other Activities
(Optional / Compulsory)
As per the need /Option/Actuals - -

SMPS Payment Schedule 2022-23

S. No. Course Last Date of Ist Installment Without Fine Last Date of IInd Installment Without Fine
1. For All Classes 30th July 2022 30th December 2022

Rules :

  • 1. The listed fee is applicable only for the current session.
  • 2. Fee paid after the last date will be liable for fine of Rs. 50 per day. No excuses in this matter will be considered.
  • 3. The information regarding fee details is give to the students, guardian at the time of admission itself. No repeated information will be given related to the fee. The students are directed to remain in touch with the department concerned and watch the notice board for day to day information.
  • 4. Only Accounts Office is to be contacted for fee payment and no other department (specially the Principal/Director) or other staff should be contacted and approached for fee related issues.
  • 5. The Fee office timings are generally till the lunch hour for any queries.
  • 6. Students are given scholarship and other concessions as per the eligibility and as decided by the Committee at the time of admission. The students has to submit the documents related to the same on time, failing of which they would not be able to avail the benefits.
  • 7. Students availing scholarship and other concessions will have to prove their academic and other performances. If fail to achieve the targeted performance the scholarship may be cancelled.
  • 8. In case the students admitted on the basis of scholarship and were unable to avail it, has to pay the fees (as approved) on the fee schedules dates.
  • 9. Students who excel in academics (Merit list of affiliating body/winner of national level sport projects/any outstanding achievement can apply for award through the format available on website).
  • 10. In exceptional cases where the students Apply for late admission (due to various permissible reasons) any relaxation in fee will not be applicable.
  • 11. The Fee Payment is only through Cheque / Withdrawal Slip / online Mode (Internet Banking / UPI) It will be accepted in the IOB & ICICI Bank. The details are available in admission Form. Bank charges if applicable as per bank norms will be applicable.
  • 12. There is provision for Fee payment through cheque or demand draft in the name of the Institutions. If the cheque / DD are uncleared / dis-honoured due to any reason the penalty of Rs. 500 bouncing charges will be applicable. Legal processing can also be initiated.
  • 13. Fee relaxation of Rs. 1000/- for the students paying one time full fee in the beginning of the session.
  • 14. The caution money (various facilities) is refundable after deduction of the damage cost caused by individual or group of students. The amount will be refunded after submission of the no dues certificate from all departments at the end of the session.
  • 15. The fee is non-refundable and the application for the same cannot be reviewed until the application fee for the processing is submitted and decision is taken.
  • 16. The expenses for the co-curricular-extracurricular./cultural/vocational/sports/ projects/medical checkups etc. works as decided by the Committees for the overall deployment of the students will be as per the decision of the concerned departments and applicable to the students.
  • 17. For availing the transfer/ leaving certificates/ Degree/Diploma the students are to clear all dues from all concerned departments.
  • 18. In case the fee remains unpaid for a long time (till next due date) the name of the student will automatically be struck off the rolls and Re-admission charge of Rs. 5000/- will have to be paid.
  • 19. The students availing the hostel facilities are to deposit the fees (in advance) before due date. The charges vary as per the desired facilities. No students are permitted to use facilities not opted for.
  • 20. The students and the faculty availing the canteen facilities are to maintain daily attendance and pay on time (if opted on personal level).
  • 21. The transport bus facility is available for students who wish to avail the facility. The charges are as per the rates of the contractor. The payment is to be done in 2 instalments. First at the time of admission and 2nd at the end of December of every session. The Bus charges will be applicable for 12 months (Including Holidays) of calendar year.
  • 22. In case the students wishes to discontinue the use of school conveyance, they should inform the school authorities in writing at least 90 days before the actual date of discontinuation of bus facility, otherwise the fees will be applicable.
  • 23. The Institute reserves the right to change/revise bus fee as per hike in diesel cost and other expense as per the rate submitted by the contractor.
  • 24. The institute reserves the right to withdraw transport services of any transport fee-defaulter antes a month of due payment.
  • 25. In rare case of failure of the bus service due to breakdown, traffic congestion of some other and reason, alternative arrangement is to be made by the parents.
  • 26. The bus will pay from the stop decided by the transport wing (Pick up & drop points), which will be communicated to the students at the beginning of the session.
  • 27. Any mischief/damage other harm done to the vehicle by the students will be compensated by me students.
  • 28. Bus card will be issued to students who all are availing the bus facilities. Bus cards will only be issued after the bus fee payment received. In each session 2 Bus cards will be issued to each students and card is valid for 6 months from the date of bus fee received. Both the cards are of different colours.
  • 29. Parents are strongly advised to pay their children's fees in full and on due date so as to avoid any inconvenience to themselves, their kids and the Institution.
  • 30. Any additional/duplicate documents needed by the students from the Institutions are to be procured by submitting the cost.
  • 31. The Affiliating Body/University exam fee will be as per their notification.
  • 32. The Committee of the Institutions reserves the right to amend/cancelled policies, rules and regulations without prior notice based on the need of the hour and in the interest of smooth functioning of the Institutions.
  • 33. Students development activities (if any) will be undertaken as per the cost incurred.
  • 34. Transfer and migration certificate and Degree/Diploma/ marksheet along with the refundable amount will be given to the students only after completing all no dues formality and formalities and depositing all institutional material.
  • Head Office: IIRM Jaipur Campus, Sector - 11, Tagore Path, Agarwal Farm, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302020
  • +91-141 -2395402, +91-98870 04441
  • Mon-Sat - 09:30 - 17:30