Action Plans for Academic Excellence : Progress depends on innovation and its application .We update the knowledge of teachers through comprehensive workshops and training program. SMPS Education Trust also offers enrichment courses for teachers .The school is granted autonomy by C.B.S.E to design its own curriculum, examinations and evaluation process for Class X in Science and Mathematics .The Stani Memorial Public School with an autonomous status brings new initiatives , more enterprising and more innovative experiments and programs to meet students’ aspirations more effectively at all levels. We have developed a curriculum management system capable of making the necessary structural and pedagogic changes to keep pace with the needs of the students with the following action plans:

1. Academic coordinator organizes meetings of H.O.Ds and the Syllabus transaction is designed in such a way that prescribed course for classes X & XII is completed by mid December every year. The syllabus for other classes is completed one month before the Annual Examination so that the students have ample time for revision. Weak children are given personal attention and extra time.
2. Terminal assignment schedule for every subject and classes is provided.
3. A regular periodic check on syllabus transaction of the subject and assignments on board pattern for Board Classes..
4. Provide a schedule of make up “Z” improvement Test to ensure the academic level of students.
5. We conduct regular classes for X & XII stds in Winter School during winter vacation in January. Intensive and thorough revision is given to the board classes.
6. The remedial steps are taken for weak children. Special classes/ mentoring/ guidance / care is taken for weak children and more opportunities/ chances are given to them so that they are encouraged.
7. The parents are kept informed about academics and other matters pertaining to their wards.
8. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation that incorporates both scholastic on non-scholastic aspects of education spread over the total span of instructional timeline of the school calendar is taken up.

Courses of Study

The Courses of study have been devised with the aim that students can take their Secondary and Senior School Certificate Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education according to the 10+2 system of education.

“Admission to Class – XI”
The School offers courses for study in Engineering, Medical, Management streams in Class XI and XII. For admission to Class XI, details will be available from 1st April onwards every year and will be provided on enquiry. No admission will be given to those securing less than 7 CGPA or 70% (which ever case may be) at the 10th Class Examination. When applying for admission to Class – XI the combination of subjects desired are to be mentioned as per priority. The admission will be finalized on the basis of performance in the Written Test & Interview.

Places in every combination of subjects will be offered on the basis of merit and vacancy. For students in classes XI the three choices available are:–
For students in classes XI and XII, the school provides three academic streams. Three choices available are:–

Mathematics and Science :

Compulsory Subjects: English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (A & B). Physical Education 6th Subject : C++ / IP / Economics

Biology :

Compulsory Subjects: English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Physical Education. 6th Subject :Mathematics / IP / C++ / Economics

Commerce :

Compulsory Subjects: English, B. Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Physical Education. 6th subject : IP/C++/ EM/Mathematics.

Note: As there are limited seats in each group, students will be allotted one of these groups strictly on the basis of merit and number of seats available. The choice of 6th subject will also be on the basis of merit and number of seats available. Hindi/Sanskrit (as per student’s option) is taught upto class X. For students of classes IX and X the pattern of teaching is strictly in accordance with that of the Central Board of Secondary Education.

In class IX the students can choose either Hindi OR Sanskrit along with English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, besides Work Experience, Art Education and Physical Health Education.


Whereas academically proficient students receive encouragement to achieve the highest, the school recognizes the importance of paying special attention to students who are academically not very bright. Extra study periods are provided for such students whenever considered necessary.
The school is using face-to-face discussions with the student which is the most effective, however; some issues can be resolved by counseling or by parents interference. The housemasters also make parents aware of their concerns for the academic success and provide them with options and resources for academic assistance, including:

  • Tutoring
  • Remedial
  • Study Groups and Academic Workshops

In addition, students may be referred to other campus resources such Supportive Services, Mentor System etc.

Staff may continue to monitor a specific student’s progress to assist him in meeting his academic goals, not only for the current term, but until completion of their program.

Careers and Courses

The Senior Section Library has a separate ‘Vocational Guidance Section’ which provides latest information about the various competitive examinations and admission to institutions of higher learning.

Additionally, all the relevant books and magazines give up-to-date information about professional courses such as Medical, Engineering, Chartered Accountancy etc. are made available to the students in the Library.

Separate reference files are maintained in the library to find out all these details in the shortest possible time and help students to choose a career.

Counseling: Student Counseling by Counselors and Guest Lecturers and specialized talks by IIRM Faculty


The School has a system of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation. There are formative & summative Tests upto class 10. Unit Tests and Terminal Tests for class 11th & 12th and promotion to the next class depends on the cumulative academic achievement of the students in the whole session.

At SMPS we report to parents four times a year on their children’s progress. The purpose of this assessment, recording and reporting system is to provide regular information throughout the year to both students and parents on how students are progressing in relation to their academic ability and potential.

Each Performance/Progress report contains the following information:

  • Target Grades for each individual subject
  • Current level of attainment in each individual subject
  • Attitude to learning, acknowledged by a number of indicators including
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Performance in Physical Activities
  • Completion of assignments
  • Number of reward marks/Grades gained
  • Housemaster’s Report

The school conducts continuous assessment over the term according to specified assessment criteria that corresponds to the objectives of each subject.
Regular school assessment and reporting play a major role in the students’ and parents’ understanding of the objectives and assessment criteria in the students’ preparation for final assessment and in the development of the curriculum according to board guidelines.
Teachers are responsible for structuring varied and valid assessment tasks (Formative & Summative.) that allow students to demonstrate achievement according to the objectives for each subject group. These include:

  • Open-ended,
  • Problem-solving activities
  • Investigations
  • Organized debates
  • Experimentation
  • Analysis and reflection.

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