Code Ethics

Code Ethics

For the Students All Students studying in the SMPS will seek to maintain highest standard of discipline and exemplary standard of conduct. All their actions will exhibit integrity, honesty and probity. The following will be strictly followed:-

  1. Live by the school motto – ‘Shraddha, Gyan, Karam.
  2. Exchange salutations and greetings with everyone they meet.
  3. Do not borrow money from each other or from a teacher.
  4. Be punctual for all classes and school events.
  5. Be honest in their dealing with the canteen contractor, and with shops outside the school.
  6. Always be properly dressed; always possess all items of dress prescribed for the school.
  7. Respect all prefects, all elders, staff and all parents.
  8. Do not cheat in the examinations.
  9. Always be physically fit Morning PT is a must.
  10. Be always attentive in the class and help in the creation of learning environment.
  11. Never break bounds. Understand that moving outside and that too without permission damages school reputation.
  12. Do not indulge in any unlawful activity like smoking, chewing of tobacco etc.

In the Hostel

  1. Follow hostel routine diligently.
  2. Keep your room neat & clean
  3. Create a learning environment.
  4. Respect all officials – Housemaster, Hostel Supdtt. & House Attendant.
  5. Participate willingly in all Shramdan
  6. Maintain proper discipline during prep.
  7. Respect all visitors to the house and help them.
  8. Help in the maintenance of House notice boards.
  9. Represent house in all activities or as many as possible.
  10. Never keep CASH or MOBILE phone.
  11. Never use heating appliances.
  12. Always keep your House/cupboard in the inspection order
  13. Never rag your juniors.
  14. Always consult your Housemaster on all important issues.

In the Mess

  1. Reach mess in time for all meals.
  2. Attend all meals in proper dress.
  3. Do not waste food
  4. Eat properly and chew each morsel at least 32 times.
  5. Observe all manners and etiquettes.
  6. Do not talk while eating.
  7. Forward your observations if any to the Mess Manager.
  8. Say prayers before and after the meals.
  9. Show due respect to all mess employees
  10. Keeps the mess neat and clean.

In the School Campus

  1. Always be properly dressed as per rules.
  2. Always walk on the road, no crossing of fields/lawns.
  3. Do not pluck flowers.
  4. Pick up all papers/polythene bags and throw them in the garbage bins.
  5. Appreciate the neat layout of campus and become familiar with the names of all flowers, tress and birds.

In the School Building

  1. Reach classes/morning assembly in time.
  2. Keep your class neat and clean.
  3. Be always properly dressed. Chappals/Sandals are not permitted.
  4. Always read the student notice board.
  5. Help in the making of charts for your class.
  6. Respect authority of your Head boy/Monitor.
  7. Never throw chalk pieces here & there.
  8. Do not talk loudly in the school building
  9. Always complete your assignments.
  10. Always respect your class rules.

On the play ground

  1. Always play with the spirit of the game.
  2. Never damage sports infrastructure/ equipment.
  3. Be always properly dressed.
  4. Give your best while competing.
  5. Respect your opponent and at the and of a game, always shake hands with the competitor

During outings/Tours/Holidays

  1. Be in proper school dress.
  2. Remember you are school’s ambassador so conduct yourself with dignity & honesty.
  3. Always go out in time & come back in time.
  4. Never argue with a shopkeeper and never lower your dignity.
  5. Always talk in English.
  6. Meet everyone with a smile.

Towards Teachers

  1. Always respect your teachers.
  2. Never talk ill of your teachers.
  3. Approach your teachers for all academic problems.
  4. Follow your teacher’s advice to succeed.
  5. Treat them as your guide, counselor and Guru

Towards Parents

  1. Always respect your parents.
  2. Communicate with them through written letter once every month.
  3. Never hide anything from your parents.
  4. Never let down your parents
  5. Whenever in problem/stress, consult your parents.


  1. Fix your target in the beginning of the term and put in sustained hard work to achieve it.
  2. Do not sleep till your daily target has been achieved.
  3. Clarify all concepts from the teachers.
  4. Read one non-textual book every month.
  5. Develop yourself as a good public speaker.
  6. Help your peer group to study better.


  1. Always talk in English
  2. Keep others interests ahead of yours.
  3. Always return things that you find.
  4. Pay respect to all elders.
  5. Pray regularly and meditate for sometimes on regular basis.
  6. Develop a sense of appreciation and a spirit of scientific inquiry.
  7. Develop creativity, an innovative spirit and a keen eye for detail.
  8. Appreciate indianness and respect all national symbols.
  9. Emerge as leader in all situations.
  10. Keep the school flag, flying high – always
  11. Never rag your juniors.
  12. Never indulge in wrongdoing. However if caught then accept punishment like a Man.
  13. Self confidence is the key to success – work to develop a confident personality.
  14. Be a proud Indian- always and every time.
  15. Always contribute to environmental safety and promote consciousness towards a green life.
  16. Never do a wrong – always stand by the courage of your convictions.
  17. Never destroy school property. Treat it as your own.

What if code of ethics is violated

The following punishment may be awarded if the CODE is violated. Quantum of punishment will vary depending on gravity of offence. All students will make efforts never to violate the code of ethics.

  1. Fine
  2. Debarred from outings.
  3. Detailed on social service
  4. Letter to parents
  5. Suspension from school.
  6. Withdrawal from school.

For the Staff

The staff appointed in SMPS shall conduct themselves in such a way as to:-

  1. Set the highest standards of courtesy, personal conduct and discipline;
  2. Be properly turned out at all times, according to the dress regulations as prescribed by the Principal;
  3. Be punctual on all occasions and for all parades/periods/meals;
  4. Mix well socially, be courteous and respectful to ladies, and establish good human relations based on tolerance, sensitivity and goodwill;
  5. Maintain good order and discipline and show obedience to rules, orders and instructions passed by the Principal or on his behalf or with his concurrence by their immediate superiors;
  6. take notice of and check or report instantly any act of dishonesty, fraud, negligence, infringement of orders, or impropriety of conduct, committed by another member of staff or by a student/a group of students;
  7. Be dignified, polite and temperate in speech, correspondence and behaviour.
  8. Exhibit pride in their calling;
  9. be just and impartial in their dealings with the staff and the students;
  10. Pay compliments to their seniors and meticulously and suitably return compliments paid to them by their juniors/subordinates;;
  11. Be co-operative and cordial with their colleagues and pupils;
  12. Exercise utmost caution in handling material of secret/confidential nature, and ensure that information of this nature is not passed on to those not authorized to receive it;;
  13. be temperate and sober in their habits, and abide by the laws relating to intoxicating drugs and drinks;
  14. Acquaint themselves with regulations and orders governing them and abide by the rules and regulations show due respect to authorities;
  15. Consider school property and funds as if they were placed in their trust, and exercise the same prudence and care as they would do so to their own property and funds;;
  16. Make every effort to prevent crime, and report attempts made by others to screen its existence,,
  17. Declare the composition and size of their families at the time of their appointment,,
  18. Report to the Principal immediately, the details of any case in which their character or conduct has been impugned by a court of inquiry or a law court,,
  19. Take permission from the Principal before leaving the station even on holidays,,
  20. Not employ any school employee or use any school animal, vehicle, stores or funds for private purposes except where such employment/use is specifically authorized by the prescribed authority..
  21. Report to the Principal the full details and circumstances of the case, if arrested or released on bail after being arrested on ground involving moral turpitude or a criminal case..
  22. No narcotic substance and alcoholic drinks are to be imbibed in the campus..
  23. Ignorance of rules and regulations will not be pleaded for non-adherence to the prescribed rules which are liable to amendment from time to time.

  24. The members of SMPS staff shall in addition

  25. Remain physically fit to play games with the students.
  26. Exhibit lively and intelligent interest in games and sports;
  27. Be willing to take students out on excursions and hikes;
  28. Take keen interest in co-curricular activities to get to know the students more intimately and to help them unfold their personalities;
  29. Conscientiously strive to improve the quality of their teaching by constantly updating their own knowledge and by learning and trying the new techniques evolved for efficiently teaching their subject;
  30. Be methodical and enthusiastic about all that they do;
  31. Be sympathetic and patient with slow learners and weak students;
  32. remain clear of narrow and sectarian approach in the handling of students, while recognizing the individual needs and characteristics of students;
  33. by precept and personal example, instill in the minds of the pupils a love for their motherland, regard and respect for the law of the land, and the ideals like love for the weak and the down trodden, and universal brotherhood.
  34. Pay special attention to students from weaker section of society with a view to bringing them at par, in all respects with others, especially in the initial uptake period.

  35. The members of a School staff shall not:-

  36. Use their appointments to promote their personal views on religion, caste and political affiliations;
  37. Indulge in any trade or business activity or own and manage an insurance agency or accept any job of remunerative character from a source other than the school;
  38. Permit their dependent blood relations to pursue any business interest that may directly and indirectly interfere with their performance or of other employees of the school or compromise their position;
  39. Be under the influence of any alcoholic drink or drug during the course of their duty or allow their performance of duty to be affected by such drinks or drugs;
  40. Apply for any assignment or job outside the School or take any public examination except with the prior approval of the Principal.
  41. Represent their grievances except through proper channel or canvass any non-official or political influence or support in furtherance of matters pertaining to their service in the school;
  42. accept or permit members of their families to accept on their behalf any gift from any pupil; parent, or a person with whom they have come in contact by virtue of their position in the school;
  43. Give any evidence derived from unpublished official records relating to any of the affairs of the school, except with the permission of the Principal who may give or withhold such permission as he thinks fit.
  44. communicate with the authorities controlling the radio or any other mass media through letters or articles or delivers lecturers on controversial issues or having a political agenda;
  45. Sub-let their residential quarters in any form or permit persons of doubtful antecedents to stay with them;
  46. Permit persons other than members of their own families (which would include wife, children, brothers, sisters and parents wholly dependent on the bonafide employee) to stay with them permanently in their quarters;
  47. Lend money to or borrow it from any other school employee or any other person on interest except any bank or established financial institute like co-operative societies etc;
  48. Gamble, or speculate or indulge in a game of chance unless such an activity is organized in the school club itself on no profit basis and that too exclusively for staff members and is in the knowledge of the Principal.
  49. Keep pets and Milk cattle within the school campus except with the explicit approval of the school authorities, which may be refused or if granted can be withdrawn at any time without assigning any reason;
  50. Give alms or encouraging beggary in any form within the school campus;
  51. Execute private work in a school workshop, art room, vehicle garage, etc.
  52. Give tuitions for a consideration during or outside school hours;
  53. Undertake proof reading against payment or promote sale of books etc, except that they may accept examinership of Boards/Examining bodies with the prior written approval of the Principal.
  54. Get into heavy debt or declare himself insolvent;
  55. Indulge in any activity which is illegal under the law of the land.
  56. Will not become members and participate in deliberations of any unauthorized association and indulge in union activities.

Towards the parents/visitors

The conduct of all employees towards the Parents/Visitors is a reflection of the ethos of the school and therefore all concerned will ensure quality interaction with the parents/visitors. Following will be ensured:-

  1. Parents/Visitor will always be welcomed and male to feel at home.
  2. All conversation with them will be polite and to the point.
  3. All their concerns will be resolved by taking appropriate action.
  4. The progress of their child will be discussed with them by concerned staff and problem areas if any will be discussed.
  5. Staff will spend adequate time with the parents to ensure resolution of all issues to their satisfaction.
  6. If a parental concern is not adequately addressed the parents may be advised to meet the principal.
  7. No round about answers will be given. Specific issues will be settled meticulously. For example if a parent complains about non checking of note books then concerned teacher along with the note books will be called so that parental concern is settled. Similarly if a parent complains about any service (Dhobi, Mess food etc) specific answers will be provided. Brushing aside parental concern will not do any good to the school.
  8. All staff will consider parents as the primary clientele of the school & respond to them accordingly

Infringement of Code Of Ethics

Non observance of any one or more of the above code will be treated as misconduct on the part of the concerned employee and will make him liable to disciplinary action.

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